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 Post subject: Valiona and Theralion recap
PostPosted: Fri Feb 18, 2011 3:40 pm  
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We seem to have phase one of this fight down (when Valiona is grounded and Theralion is flying), however we seem to fall apart during phase 2 (Theralion grounded, Valiona flying). In particular, we have people dying seeming to random events. The following is a transcript of the tank-spot `how-to' video for this part of the fight.

tankspot.com wrote:
Theralion's first ground ability is Fabulous Flames - did I mention his incredible masculinity? Fabulous Flames will put a purple void zone at the feet of a randomly targeted raid member. Typically, this is directed at your ranged pile, so as soon as you catch Theralion turn around to look at ranged, start moving. You should have a designated direction your ranged pile moves into for Fabulous Flames, as getting split up could mean a death if Twilight Meteorite is going out at the same time.

His second ground ability is Engulfing Magic, this is also usually directed at a random ranged raid member. The person that receives Engulfing Magic will do twice the damage or healing they usually do for 20 seconds, but will also deal damage equal to their DPS or healing to everyone around them. As soon as the debuff goes out, the targeted person has to run out of their raid pile and cast from afar, but make sure they don't run into the same direction that the ranged pile moves into to drop their Fabulous Flames. If unavoidable, cease casting and when all dots/hots ticked off, rejoin the ranged pile.

There's one framerate issue with Engulfing Magic - it procs everytime a damage or healing spell of the targeted person procs, so for dot and hot classes, this is multiple times per second. That can easily kill their framerates, so we had resto druids stand out of the raid for the entire phase 2 to avoid them not being able to move out of the ranged in time.

OK...so while it might be hard to figure out what is going on, i.e. who is not moving fast enough, during the fight, our log parses can easily tell us this. The first thing that we need to look at is the friendly fire. The following screenshot shows the friendly fire done through out all of our attempts on the dragons:


First of all, all of Udb's damage is due to Soul Link, so for the purposes of this discussion we can safely ignore his contribution. However, the remain five people the damage is entirely due to Engulfing Magic. The spell description for this spell is;

The Engulfing Magic mirrors all damage and healing you do, inflicting Shadow damage equal to the damage or healing you do to allies within 10 yards of you for 20 seconds!

So, as long as the person gets away from the raid stack we can minimize this damage. However, as noted in the first paragraph heavy HoT of DoT classes can cause lots of damage if they are even a second slow on moving. WorldOfLogs, gives us the information for this spell:


The first table shows the people actually hit with engulfing magic and the about of damage they did to their allies. So for example, Corahursey, did a grand total of 938,016 points of damage to people in the raid across our ten attempts. The second table shows the about of damage people took from this spell. So continuing to pick on Corahursey, she took 223,865 points of damage from other peoples Engulfing Magic -- to point this another way, this avoidable damage effect did almost twice her normal health. And seeing as how she was the second lowest, other people were probably killed two or three times over by this effect..

The second avoidable damage effect is Fabulous Flames, and the spell description for this is;

Spits flames on the ground, the Fabulous Flames inflict 10725 to 11275 Shadow damage every 1 sec

This is the spell effect that the ranged group straffs for. Again, we can see how much damage each person took from this effect.


First, this spell effect did a grand total of 9,690,855 points of damage over the ten attempts. First, the damage that the melee group took was probably due to them standing in the purple zones after a wipe was called, 27 hits over the course of the night would be spending three seconds, on average, in the purple zones.

Compare this to 137 hits. This would be spending 14 seconds per attempt, on average, in the purple zones. Seeing as how we normal see four of the void zone this implies that it takes over four seconds per zone to move out.

We really need to get much better at avoiding this damage. I don't know if we are calling for a move as soon as Theralion tuns and looks are range or are waiting till the void-zone forms.

I don't know if people are waiting to finishing casting prior to moving (which they should not be doing).
I don't know if people are distracted by things in their real life environment (like watching / listening to TV), and if they are they really need to consider if this is fair to the other people in the raid -- because if they are, they are wasting nine other peoples time.

All I do know, is that if we are not able to coordinate this simple of a dance, then we are not going to progress through other bosses or instances.

"Second is first of the losers"

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