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DKP Infos
Raids: 204
Player: 191
Items: 1694
Look at that Drake!
(April 22, 2009 - submitted by dkp_admin at 07:44pm MDT)  

Grats Aevalous!

User-posted image

Malygos  (1 shot, awarding a full hour anyway)  04/22/09 Loot:

Blue Aspect Helm -> Doregar (30 DKP)
Unravelling Strands of Sanity -> Corahursey (30 DKP)
Mantle of Dissemination -> Barrwin (30 DKP)
Legplates of Sovereignty -> Yumalithian (30 DKP)
Reins of the Azure Drake -> Aevalous (0 DKP)

Rage WinterChill dies!
(April 14, 2008 - submitted by dkp_admin at 02:56pm MDT)  

Nice work all on first time and kill of Rage Winterchill. Grats to those who won loots as we had a ton of trash epics as well. Onto to Archimonde i say!

User-posted image

Hyjal  (3.5 hours rage kill)  04/14/08 Loot:

Cuffs of Devastation -> Azurtri (30 DKP)
Hellfire-Encased Pendant -> Micharr (30 DKP)

Void Reaver DEAD!
(February 28, 2008 - submitted by dkp_admin at 09:55pm MST)  

Congrats to all for killing void reaver!!!

User-posted image


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