Various downloads are list here for your convenience.

Required Add-ons

We have very few required add-ons or external programs. Additionally, these programs are only required if you plan on raiding with us.


We use Ventrilo (hereafter referred to as `vent' for voice communication and during our 10- and 25- man raids. Additionally there are several channels that members and friends can use during 5-man instance runs as well as during PvP.

In addition to our raid, party and PvP channels there are several social channels.

`vent' can be downloaded from here. Make sure that you get the client version 3.


Omen is our standard threat-meter that is used during raids. This add-on shows every party members threat on the target. This add-on will save your life as letting you know when you are getting two close to the tanks aggro level.

The current version of Omen is available here

Suggested Add-ons

None of these Add-ons are required, however members have found these to be useful, or to enhance their game play. Your mileage may vary.

Natur Enemy Cast Bar

Scrolling Combat Text

Rating Buster

Big-Wigs or Deadly Boss Mod