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Raids Cancelled on 1 Sept 2008

All -

1 Sept 2008 is Labor Day here in the states (a national holiday for those not in the states), so I expect most of us will be eatin', drinkin' and being merry.

So enjoy the day...raids will resume normally on 3 Sept 2008.

 PS - In all probability I will be on, so if there is an interest then we could toss together either a bunch of heroics or do some 10-man action.



golgaranth @ 08/28/08 - 01:12pm

new raid-invite time


Starting with 31 Jul 08 raid, I will be doing invites slightly differently.  I will be inviting people from the approved list starting at 7pm (15 mins earlier then before).

If you are not online by 7:20pm (and had not let me know that you are going to be late -- even a note on the signups is fine), you forfeit you raid spot that night and I will pull from the 'available' list to fill that spot.  The goal is to be doing the first pull no later then 7:35.


golgaranth @ 07/26/08 - 09:10am

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